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Notary Public

Hit And Run Insurance Services provides on-site Public Notary services for your convenience. We are proud to extend this facility to our citizens and reduce their worries concerning documentations. Along with insurance financial services and tax consultation, our Public Notary services make documentation and signing easy.

Precise documents & signing

Several years of experience in the insurance and tax industries has given us the knowledge of precise documentation and their signing. We aim to help you streamline all documentation process so that you can stay focused on the job at hand. Our experts go through the documentation process meticulously to scrutinize them making sure that they are just what the company needs for your insurance, loan or taxes. Our Public Notaries are aware of the formats that industries and government agencies demand, preparing and signing documents accordingly.

Easy document signing process

At Hit And Run, we are committed to making your documentation signing process as smooth and pleasant as possible. Our on-site expert Notary Public takes the stress out of finding one when you are in need of precise documents and getting them signed by the authorized person. We work closely with our clients, both individuals and businesses making their insurance buying and other financial work a simple process.

Precise and fast services

No more worries about finding that last-minute Notary Public for document approval and closing a deal. Our experts are available to extend their services with absolute precision, speed and utmost efficiency. We take immense pride in helping hundreds of clients find their exact solution without having to fret and fume about getting the documents and their approval right.

Professional in approach

We are recognized as a professional Notary Public service provider working closely with clients as per personalized needs. As professionals, we are aware of the importance of serving our clients with respect and urgency. Speed and accuracy are the backbones of our services helping you receive signed documents without taking out an extra day or even a few hours!

All our notaries are screened and commissioned by the government agency, that is, the Secretary of State of the notaries jurisdiction. You can completely rely on us for all your Notary Public needs.

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