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Tax Services

At Hit And Run Insurance Services, we have a team of trained tax professionals to take away your tax worries and make life easier for you. With expertise in a wide range of tax areas, we offer premium services to individuals and businesses. Our focus is on delivering quality CPA services with complete financial guidance as per your individual needs.

We are your reliable and responsive partner taking care of all tax concerns at competitive rates and affordable costs.

Expert Tax Services

Tax concerns are an annual event that turns becomes bothersome for most individuals and businesses. With little or no knowledge about tax laws and ways to minimizing them, most people struggle while filing returns each year. Dealing with the endless types of taxes and the write-offs surely calls for expertise. There are payroll tax and the periodic tax reforms, employer taxes and tax benefits that you and your employees can enjoy. Hit And Run bring to you expert tax services that’ll help you with your tax planning and preparation, audits and related issues.

Personal Taxes

Rely on our tax experts to take care of all filing processes whether you’re working independently or for a company. We will help you out even after you’ve filled out the W-2 to file in the exact papers and avail maximum tax benefits. For those of you owning a business, filling up the 1099 form is important for you to declare self-employment earnings along with the interests and dividends you earn. Unfortunately, most citizens are misinformed on the correct way of filing the 1099 leading to a tax mess. Get in touch with us and remain hassle-free!

Business Taxes

Tax mistakes can be costly affairs for businesses and it’s best to rely on the experts to handle the job correctly. Small and medium-sized businesses are the worst affected by tax complications that often turn into business woes. At Hit And Run Insurance, our tax professionals take care of all such concerns helping businesses focus on their operations. From tax planning to resolving tax issues, you can safely rely on us when it comes to handling your business taxes. Our experts will pave the way to minimize taxes and avoid or deftly handle audits.

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